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ID P226895

© 2020 Morgana LaFaye. Created by Cursive Design Studio


“Not all those who wonder are lost.”

-J.R.R. Tolkien



The first thing you should know about me is that I am a Witch. An Enchantress, if you prefer, or simply a soul connected to a deeper energy, to her sexual power and her carnal as much as her spiritual needs. I believe that the bodies are our temples, and deserve the same love and respect that we reserve for our soul.As you get to know me more and more, you’ll discover I have many faces: in my younger years, I used to call myself coincidentia oppositorum, the coinciding of opposites. I am a being of extremes, and in the extremes the circle find their completion. I will keep surprising you, and if you wish you’ll never stop discovering new sides of me.


I believe that the world is neither black nor white, but infinite shades of grey.

As we meet again and again, I won’t stop enchanting you with my intelligence, my intuition, and the education I am grateful I received.

I believe books are an immense treasure, that knowledge is freedom, that there is a science to fantasy and a fantastical side to science; I believe there is a world where dragons, and fairies, and unicorns and nymphs are real, and that world is our collective imagination; I believe that men are makers of their own destiny, and we are our own fate.


I believe in Magic and our power to manifest what we truly desire.

You will fall in love again and again with my desire to listen, my open-mindedness. 


I believe there is only one human kind; I believe Martians and Venusians will have one day the same rights as British and African people; I believe we can choose to be women, men, or something in between, or neither of them; I believe in the sacred value of life, and in the sacred value of choices.

You’ll discover what it truly means to be in touch with our bodies.


I believe sex should not be underrated or shamed, and that we should be allowed to have as much as we want, for as long as we want, with whomsoever we desire.You’ll find yourself surprised by my desire for adventure.


I believe there is nothing more romantic than stargazing on a night of full moon, and that a cabin in the dark woods is just as comfy and luxurious as the highest tower of the highest castle.My desire is that our liaisons will be more frequent than occasional, and that they won’t be limited to the touch, because touch needs intellectual involvement to fully flourish. And whether or not you’ll come back to see Morgana, the Enchantress, you’ll have brought back a sparkle of magic, a sip of sorcery in your day to day life. 


Through sensuality, memories, maybe a glass of potion or a taste of red, enchanted apples.


Now, follow me if you are ready. Follow me down the White Rabbit Hole…