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ID P226895

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Q: Who are you willing to meet for an encounter?

A: I welcome all members of the human race ( all colours, backgrounds, sex and religion), provided they are over 18, respectful, and of exceptional hygiene. I will also consider applications of beings from other planets.


Q: Where are you from, and where do you live?

A: I currently reside in Edmonton, Canada, but I have very much the free spirit of a gypsy. As per my country of origin, that will be a most interesting topic of conversation when we’ll meet, if you haven't found that info somewhere yet!


Q: How many people do you visit with per day?

A: Ultimately, this is none of your business. However, I like to work as a companion only part-time, limiting this activity every week to a handful of encounters that I will actually enjoy.


Q: What is your schedule like? Are you available for short notice appointments?

A: My schedule will be regularly updated in my calendar every couple days. I sometimes have time to be a little more spontaneous, but generally speaking I prefer pre-bookings of 24 hours or more.


Q: You say you are a Witch. Are you a Satanist?

A: No, I am not, although I know a few. I am Omnist of Christian background, and I practice eclectic Witchcraft - which, for the record, it means I am not afraid of the Left hand path, but I also don't mind the "fluffy" witchcraft of Wiccans and other white Magick practitioners.


Q: Can we have a Sex Magik session?

A: No. EDIT: Yes, I feel like I am experienced enough to offer this service. You will have to specifically request it in advance, have a clear goal and some experience in a magical path.


Q: Are your photos recent/real?

A: I like to have a photo shoot every 6 months, because it’s fun and because I like to give you the possibility to browse my updated pictures. But mostly because it’s fun. 


Q: Can we discuss your rates? I can’t afford them.

A: I am sorry, but no, we can’t. There are many other amazing providers who offer companionship at different rates: my donations reflect the exclusivity I desire and the quality of the experience I offer.


Q: What physical activities do you practice to stay in shape?

A: I just started to go to yoga flow classes regularly; I also love to hike in the summer and I plan on getting back into lifting weights soon.


Q: I am a single woman, can I meet you?

A: Yes! Women are amazing. 


Q: Do you have a 15 minutes/30 minutes rate?

A: I provide, depending on my availability and on whether I am already at my incall or not, 30 minutes sessions. 


Q: Can I bring you a gift?

A: Everyone loves gifts. Please, have a look at my wishlist here.