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“But anyone with witch-blood in their veins was worth keeping an eye on.
Or Thirteen.” 

― Sarah J. MaasQueen of Shadows

AZURA ROSE - Toronto


twitter: @HellcatAzura) 



Intrigued as I am by darker aesthetics and all decadent things, I couldn’t help but falling in lust with Azura: Goth, queer, lifestyle submissive, disabled, Luciferian, but above all definitions incredibly strong and sensual. The perfect creepy – but – beautiful blue-eyed porcelain doll. If you seek us as a duo, you’ll leave all misconception behind: come to the Dark side, we have cookies. 

Olivia Grace


tweets from: @OliviaGraceSP 


Toronto’s very own urban courtesan, an elegant petite brunette with a spunky sense of humor and endless creativity who will be happy to have a wild time with us! Olivia is a feminist, a blogger by day and an exquisite companion by night with a love for pretty things and independence. We have discovered we have a few silly geeky passions and a hot temperament in common…



Tweets from: @PhedreBlooms

If what is missing in your life is a little Magick, the combination of this sexy purple-haired pixie and myself will make you sparkle. Phedre is an Artist in all aspects of life, an adventurer of all things pleasure, and loves to surround herself with books and trees: the most likely place to find us is in the middle of a forest, reading while laying side by side each other in not - much. Would you care to join in?