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Otherworldly Adventures


These special packages are thought for the lovers and friends who have a specific idea of how they’d like to spend their time with me, and want to leave all the details up to their favorite Enchantress.

Prices are at par in CAD and US dollars.



3 hours – 400 $

(social time only)

Restaurant crawls, an elegant dinner or just some comfort food lunch. I love both rustic or fine dining, especially when combined with extremely engaging conversation. If you really want to get to my heart, Scandinavian or North African cuisine are a favorite of mine.



5 hours – 1200 $

Approximately 3 hours of spa and 2 hours of intimate time.

Treat the both of us to a couple’s spa date. A massage, soaking in a calidarium, a luxurious facial or manicure. And then off to a different type of cuddles, in my secret cove.




5 hours -  1800 $

Approximately 3 hours of geeky fun and 2 hours of intimate time.

50% deposit required.


I will gladly arrange for snacks and prepare them myself, a bottle of your favorite wine, maybe some chocolate to match. We can spend a couple hours marathoning a new TV series or playing a cool board game – I have several – or play video games in nothing but lingerie and then indulge in cuddles, romantic moments or naughty and sweaty time – you know I love it all! 


6 hours  – 1800 $ 

Approximately 3.5 hours of social time.

50% deposit required.

I will get  a blowout and updo for this package according to your desires!


Let’s grab a ride and discover the best places in town! I am a foodie and I know most of the best places to dine and wine in the biggest western Canadian cities. If I am visiting a US city, or somewhere I haven’t been yet, maybe you could show me around? I love restaurant hopping, whiskey tastings, comedy improv shows, symphony and rock concerts, poetry reading and much more. 


Semi-Exclusive Sugar Baby arrangement

starting at $5000 monthly 


If a mistress with no strings attached is what you desire, no package is more appropriate than this. I will keep only a few openings on my schedule while devoting most of my time to arranging for incredible dates and adventures that neither of us will ever forget.