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Fly in the Night


If I could devote my whole life to one thing only, that would be travelling. Nothing is as exciting for me as the rhythmic sound of a train,

the discovery of new realities and cultures, and yes, even jet leg. 

The Spiral Dance 48 hours – $5600

In the World of your Imagination 3 days  -$6500 

Border of Utopia 6 days – $9000

The Mirror in the Mirror 10 days – $15000 


As most adventurous women, I love to discover new places and enjoy the culture of faraway lands. This means that I have a few destinations in mind that are positively titillating to me, which in turn means for you... DISCOUNTED TRAVEL RATES! If the destination you have in mind isn't on this list, I will still decide case by case whether it would apply for a discounted travel rate.

  • Re-living Darwin's discoveries on the Galapagos Islands ( minimum 1 week)
  • An adventure on the Macchu Picchu in Peru

  • Week Getaway in Tokyo

  • Tour of Iceland, Norway or Sweden (maybe cooking classes?)

  • New York or Chicago for 5 days ( shopping, shows, culinary experiences...)

  • London, UK (specific requirements apply; please ask!)

  • Italy (anywhere, really, and I can be your little tour guide! Specific requirements apply, please ask)

  • Disneyland or Disney World 

  • New Orleans or Salem (Massachusetts) during Halloween!