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ID P226895

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The Sacred Harlot Experience


Until a few months ago, I hadn’t fully realised how much I loved and enjoyed being dominated, humiliated and made a mess of in bed. Consent is the key word, here, and one of the sexiest things! Through this experience, I give up control and allow you to take it in your hands. It’s liberating, for both yourself AND I. 

Don’t think, for a moment, I won’t enjoy it… this will have me screaming of pleasure and asking for more. 


Ps: Let me know in advance if me calling you “Daddy” makes you cringe; it’s an involuntary reaction to me being out of this world with excitement.

WHAT I LIKE: Everything included in my Bewitching Experience is also included in this more hardcore package. However, I will also allow hard choking, hard hair pulling, face slapping, intense face fucking, humiliation, light bondage, toy torture and orgasm denial, COF, ATM (covered).


Please STATE EXACTLY at the beginning of the session what you would enjoy doing to me, so I am fully aware of what to expect.

WHAT I DON’T LIKE: bbfs, scat play, brown/roman showers, nipple torture


The donations for this experience reflect the time that it will take to mentally prepare for it, and to recover at the end. Although sexy and enjoyable, it is incredibly intense, both physically and psychologically.


Prices are in CAD Dollars


From Dusk 'till Dawn 8 hours - $2500

The Everlasting Night 14 hours - $3200

A Day for the Deviant  24 hours- $5000


Sacred Harlot 3 hours - $1200

Priestess of Lust 4 hours - $1400


Dreams of the Flesh 60 minutes - $500

Slave of the Fae 90 minutes - $700

On my Knees 2 hours - $800

Longer appointments can be arranged, please contact me directly through my contact form.