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ID P226895

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“But anyone with witch-blood in their veins was worth keeping an eye on.
Or Thirteen.” 

― Sarah J. MaasQueen of Shadows

(min. 1.5 hour appointments, starting at $1200/90 minutes)

An elegant lady in her mid 30s with evidence of occasional rebellion. Educated - and always learning - , she is an extremely engaging companion for the discerning gentleman. If you think our styles differ quite a bit, you are correct, but wait until you see us together in the boudoir to judge our chemistry. Our playful personalities are a perfect match for each other, and we can elegantly switch from submissive to dominant with the right person!


( starting at $600/hour)

I first met this wonderful soul at Elite Retreat, and I have been in love ever since! She shares my spiritual views, and that makes for a very deep connection. 

If my recommendation is not enough, I am certain her milky smooth skin, her natural red hair and cat eyes and her wonderful butt will intrigue you, capture you and never let you go.



(starting at $700/hour)


I first fell in lust with Luxx when a common friend decided to sponsor a "private" introduction. If a steamy, primal, raw time with two beautiful and slightly submissive alternative women is what turns your crank, Luxx and I will satiate your thirst. We are a whirlwind of sexual energy, and together we offer what could only be qualified as " the raunchy girlfriend experience". 

Leave your fears out the door, and own your most primal desires. 



 twitter: shannonswee1

(starting at $600/hour)


My friend, my teacher and inspiration: Shannon Sweet is pure Womanity, inside and out, with a head turning tall hourglass figure and long, naturally red hair. Her intelligence and wit have charmed me beyond any words, and so they will enchant you, I am sure. She and I will drag you in like a force of nature, pushing limits and testing new fantasies. We are the naked witches dancing in your dreams.