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November 7, 2016

Many of my clients are first timers: that means, many of them are terrified of doing or saying the wrong thing from the moment they contact me. Most of the time there is no foundation to this believe, as I found \"newbies" to be generally more respectful than "hobbyist" - although I don't particularly love this word - .

Their fear is understandable: companions can be intimidating - more often than not they aren't as intimidating in real life as they seem to be on their websites though! -, and the perspective of meeting an intelligent, capable AND beautiful woman in an intimate setting can cause a few sweats. So, here is a guideline that I put together - for first timers and not - that would ease and make the encounter the most enjoyable possible. 


1) NO ONE LINERS INQUIRIES : the way you choose to introduce yourself when you contact the companion of your choice will make a world of difference. Pretend this is an actual date, and that the courtesan is someone you were matched to on an online dating website with no money involved for time or companionship: would you introduce yourself, talk about what you like and dislike, express desires and concerns? Possibly all of the above. No one is going to reply to one liner inquiries in an actual dating setting, and any companion who's highly sought after won't either. 


2) BE PRESENTABLE: it doesn't matter how expensive your shirt is or if your shoes are a brand name or not, but make sure everything is clean and smells good. Dirty socks, holes in your t-shirts, tomato sauce on the sweater are decent turn-offs. If you are coming from work and you are a tradesman, please give a heads up so we know it's not because you don't give a damn! And jump in the shower. Which brings me to...


3) BE CLEAN: lather, scrub, rinse, repeat. One would think there's no real need to talk about this but there's no bigger mistake. Use that soap we put at your disposal. Use deodorant if you sweat easily. Take advantage of that mouthwash. Scrub all around your intimate regions, THOROUGHLY. 


4) DONATION: present it within the first 5 minutes of meeting your companion in an unsealed envelope, in plain sight. No need to mention it. Make sure it's the correct amount PRIOR to arriving and excuse yourself to the washroom to allow the lady to count it if she wishes to do so. 

Don't count the money in front of her! It's cheap. 


5) IF YOU BRING A DRINK...: if it's a bottle of wine, make sure it's unopened. I actually had a regular client of mine bringing me a bottle opened 6 months prior. Needless to say, it was vinegar. 

If you intend to bring coffee or any other unsealed drink, check with your companion first - I personally LOVE coffee and hot drinks for morning appointments!


6) RESPECT BOUNDARIES: this doesn't need an explanation, does it?


This is all I can think about so far, and I'll probably add more as things come to mind. And remember, respect is really the key to all of these points!


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Many of my clients are first timers: that means, many of them are terrified of doing or saying the wrong thing from the moment they contact me. Most o...


November 7, 2016

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